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Short Videos

Long Videos

Coming soon... 
Long form multi-camera performing arts videos from P.E.T Outdoor Theater, The Union Festival, COM Theater, Mildred's Umbrella, Fringe Festival, Boomtown Brass Band, New Vintage,  and many more... !

the New Silk Raod sessions

Houston is, one of the most populated and diverse cities in the world. A *New* Silk Road destination port. A Center for the Arts.
The fusion of cultures from all over make the art scene one of the most dynamic found anywhere. 
These video series hope to showcase the creatives who resides here. 

"Poems from The Front Porch" series

Houston Poets sharing original works. 

"Sounds of The 713" series

Sounds of the city from Houston Musicians. 

"Parallel Universes" series

Houston authors shares stories from other worlds and times. 

"Dancing In The City" series

Houston Dancers  at some of their favourite spots around the city. 

"We of The Great Unwashed" series

Houston Actors expressing the scope of human emotions and experiences through plays, in every day city life settings.  

"Time Lapsing" series

Real time creation with Houston Visual Artists. 

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